Cloud Based Solutions

Peruse operates on Microsoft’s Cloud. Based on Microsoft’s Azure SQL Peruse is well positioned to take advantage of current and future advanced technologies. Microsoft’s cloud is arguably one of the most secure, compliant environments in the industry.

Introducing our Next Generation ServiceIQ 

ServiceIQ is a full featured solution to manage the most demanding service organizations needs. ServiceIQ is available fully integrated with our Lease Control software or as a standalone module. With tools to manage calls, field techs inventory, travel and work time reporting and much more, Service IQ will simplify the management of your service organization. ServiceIQ is based on our Service Control module’s years of client use.

Concerned with the New Lease Accounting Rules

Peruse Lease Accounting features are designed to manage the needs of the new lease accounting rules. Our flexible setup facilitates the migration from today’s standards to the new lease accounting rules. Implement now and begin testing for your eventual move to the new rules. Export the data you need with ease using our export profiles.