Next Generation Tools Going Beyond the Ordinary

Peruse ServiceIQ is designed to process service calls, preventive maintenance, track equipment and much more. Calls can be entered from a central location or remotely by staff at the locations. Staff at the location can quickly access service call status information via the web.

Our Web and Mobile friendly app is designed for entering and tracking the status of a call from the location. Allow your locations staff to do what they do best, not to get bogged down with a difficult, time consuming call management solution. By answering a few questions your locations staff begins the process and are back to their responsibilities quickly. Requests for service can be made from a computer or from a smart phone.

A native Android based phone app is available for your field technicians to manage calls. Our easy to use app is designed for the technician from their phone to;

  • manage outstanding calls
  • process and close calls
  • manage parts used on a call
  • report travel
  • report time worked on a call
  • take and upload pictures for a call
  • extensive note capabilities
  • request management review
  • much more

Let’s face it, most field techs are adverse to carrying a laptop or even a tablet to the job site. Yet, most have a phone available at all times. And if the technician wants to expand on processing a call, Peruse provides expanded functionality in a module available for use on a laptop or desktop computer.

From the office your service coordinators have access to what your techs are working on at any time. Push technology immediately updates the coordinators back office system, field techs app and any other user monitoring a call or list of calls.